Safe Operation of Portable Generators

More and more homes are using automatic standby generators for emergency backup power during an outage.
If you use a portable generator for home emergency power, it’s important that you safeguard yourself and your family from the dangers associated with a portable unit.

Safe Generac Portable Generator Operation

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide gas in the engine’s exhaust. It’s invisible, odorless and very deadly. You should never run a generator indoors or in a partially enclosed space like a garage. Only operate them outdoors with plenty of ventilation far from windows, doors, crawlspaces or vents.

Gasoline Danger

Never refuel a generator that is running or is still hot. Spilled fuel can cause a fire or explosion. When you do fill the tank, leave a bit of room for the fuel to expand.

Voltage Management

The point of a generator is to create electricity. But we all know electricity can by dangerous. Trying to connect a portable generator directly to your home’s wire system can be deadly. The voltage generated can backfeed into the powerlines injuring utility workers or your neighbors.

A professionally installed manual transfer switch is the only safe way to connect a portable generator to your home’s electrical system. Otherwise you should use heavy duty extension cords to connect the generator to your appliances. Be sure they are unplugged when you start or stop the generator. Also, be sure not to overload the generator. Prioritize your needs to be sure the equipment you operate doesn’t exceed the generator’s output rating.

Electrocution Threat

Water and Electricity don’t mix. Don’t operate your generator in the rain. Choose a flat, level spot that has several feet of clearance on all sides. Be sure the unit is properly grounded to reduce the risk of electrocution.

Permanent Standby Power

For the safest way to provide power during an outage you should checkout a permanently installed Generac automatic standby generator.

Have questions about safely operating your generator?  Contact us today and let us help you select and safely operate the perfect backup power for your situation and budget.