Since 1914 Toro has been providing powerful, innovative solutions for the outdoor environment, Toro continues to provide the best range of options and value for the professional landscaper and home owner.

Today Toro is focused on developing technologies that benefit both customers and the environment. Comprised of a team of leading agronomists and product development professionals, Toro identifies emerging trends in turf care markets and, through the application of appropriate technologies, helps discover new solutions to increase productivity,

In working with customers, academic institutions and leading researchers, the group has been influential in the area of robotics, hydrogen fuel cells, advanced battery technologies, precision irrigation and soil moisture sensing.

Dingo STX-26 Stump Grinder

Dingo STX-26 Stump Grinder

Stump Grinder The STX-26 Stump Grinder has the same controls as the walk behind trencher. The STX-26 can go […]

Toro TimeCutter MX4250 zero turn lawnmower

TimeCutter MX4250

Zero-Turn Pro Power for the Homeowner Toro TimeCutter MX4250 is a hydrostatic zero-turn lawnmower powered by a 24.5 HP Toro […]

Toro TimeCutter MX4260 zero turn homeowner lawnmower

TimeCutter MX4260

Zero-Turn Pro Power for the Homeowner The Toro TimeCutter MX4260 is a hydrostatic zero-turn tractor powered by a 24HP/725cc […]

Toro TimeCutter SS3225 zero turn lawnmower

TimeCutter SS3225

Zero-Turn Performance for the Homeowner The Toro TimeCutter SS3225 is a hydrostatic zero-turn tractor powered by a 452cc Toro engine. […]

Toro Commercial walk behind mower 22295

Toro Commercial – 22295

Heavy Duty, Self Propelled Mower 21″ commercial rear bagger/mulcher Honda ZS GXV160 Engine Self-propelled, 3-Speed RWD Replaceable deck […]

Toro Walk Behind Commercial 22290 Mower

Toro Commercial – 22290

Heavy Duty, Self Propelled Mower 21″ commercial rear bagger/mulcher Kawasaki® ZS FJ180V Engine Self-propelled, Variable Speed RWD Replaceable […]

ZMaster Professional 5000

ZMaster Professional 5000

Comfort and Power for the Landscape Professional Everything designed into the Toro Z Master Professional 5000 Series was […]

ZMaster Professional 6000

ZMaster Professional 6000

Designed for the Pros, by the Pros This next generation of Toro Z Master® mowers feature unsurpassed hillside […]

LCE Z Master 7000 Series

Z Master Professional 7000

Power for Demanding Jobs Need to power through tough mowing conditions that would strain conventional gasoline-powered mowers? Choose […]